Paint Protection

Safeguard Your Vehicle

A single scratch on your new vehicle can seem devastating. With our paint protection films, you never have to worry. This durable material prevents your paint from being scratched or damaged by dirt, gravel, sand and other road debris. Come in today and see what clear bra paint protection can do for you.

Smart Protection Everywhere You Need It

Paint protection is a resilient, nearly invisible clear film, engineered to absorb and deflect impacts from small road debris and protect against scratches. It is typically applied to the front facing parts of the vehicle most likely to sustain damage, but it can be applied just about anywhere extra protection is needed. For example:

  • Hood
  • Bumpers
  • Fenders
  • Wheel wells and edges
  • Door handles
  • Side view mirrors
  • Rocker panels

Your vehicle is worth protecting

A proper paint protection application requires skilled technicians working in a controlled environment. At Elite Window Tinting, our extensive experience means your vehicle is in capable hands. We also use the highest quality materials currently available from the leading manufacturers. Applied properly, there is zero to little maintenance for the auto owner. View our customer testimonials to see what others had to say about our impeccable service.

Return the favor

Your vehicle shields you and your passengers from the elements. Why not do the same for your vehicle?.

Keep your vehicles looking like new with paint protection services at Elite Window Tinting. Our knowledgeable, experienced professionals can help you find the best ways to protect your automotive investment. Learn more about us by contacting our shop or stopping by our Portland or Milwaukie locations.

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