How to Repair Car Paint Chips in 6 Steps

We’ve all been there. One day, you’re cruising down the highway in a flawless vehicle. The next thing you know, your car’s pristine paint has an unsightly chip. Stone chips are caused by gravel, rocks, and road debris your wheels kick up. They leave small, localized dents that can damage your auto paint and lower your car’s resale value.

So, what’s a driver to do? Should you try to remove the stone chip yourself or let a professional handle the job?

The technicians at Elite Window Tinting are here to give you some guidance. Here’s everything you need to know about fixing stone chips on your car.


When Should I Fix My Car Paint Chips?

The simple answer is always. You should always repair any paint chips in your car. The sooner the better. While the chips might look like straightforward cosmetic imperfections, they can lead to costly damage, including rust.

Thankfully, Milwaukee drivers don’t have to worry about accelerated corrosion caused by the ocean. However, fixing chipped auto paint is important to boost your car’s resale value, keep it looking fresh, and prevent other damages. If you lease a car, you’ll also want to repair the chips before returning it to the dealership.


How Much Does a Stone Chip Repair Cost?

The next question you might be asking is, “How much do stone chips cost to repair?” If you take your car to a professional, you’re probably looking at $50 to $60 in repair costs. The price heavily depends on the time and difficulty of the repairs.

The best part about taking your car to a professional is the peace of mind knowing the chip was properly repaired. But if you’re looking to save some money, you might want to consider taking the DIY repair route.

A car paint chip repair kit can cost anywhere between $20 and $40. Don’t get tempted into buying the cheapest kit you can find. This will limit the quality of the repair.

If you decide to attempt a DIY paint chip repair, be sure to get a multi-part kit that includes everything you need, from sealant to paint.


How to Fix Stone Paint Chips on Your Car

Repairing a stone paint chip requires patience, attention to detail, and a steady hand. Here’s how to fix a stone chip in six simple steps.

  1. Thoroughly clean the area you’re going to repair with soap and water. Rub the area down with alcohol to remove any grease and buildup. Let the area dry.
  2. Sand down the raised edges surrounding the paint chip. Be mindful of rubbing too hard. This can damage your car’s clear coat.
  3. Apply primer to the chip. Your kit includes either a paint pen or brush.
  4. Next, apply the paint. However, don’t just paint it on in thick globs. Be sure to apply thin layers to mirror your car’s original paint. Allow the paint to dry before applying the next layer. Don’t let it leak onto any surrounding areas that aren’t damaged.
  5. After the paint has dried, gently sand it to level it evenly with the surrounding paint using wet sandpaper. Wrap the sandpaper around the eraser-end of a pencil for smaller chips. Take your time!
  6. Lastly, apply the top coat to seal the repairs. Allow it to dry completely.


Protect Your Car from Paint Chips 

If you want to avoid the hassle of stone paint chips, consider installing paint protection film (PPF) on your car. This creates a long-lasting barrier of protection against chips, scratches, swirl marks, and other damages.

To learn more about PPF, contact the XPEL Certified Installers at Elite Window Tinting today. We can be reached at (503) 744-7999. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kenley Wallis