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Your Go-to Auto Upgrade

There are lots of ways to upgrade the look of your vehicle, but the most popular is tinted windows. While window tinting has been around for decades, the technology has evolved considerably. Numerous recent innovations in window film manufacturing mean we now have superior products that do not bubble, peel, crack, wrinkle, fade or discolor when applied by our expert technicians.

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Sheer Style

One of the most striking benefits of solar control window film is how great your car looks. You can choose the shade of your window tint, from a light accent to complete privacy. When you come into our shop, you can meet with a knowledgeable expert to see samples, learn more about the product’s attributes, and choose the appropriate window tint for your vehicle. We are here to meet your needs.

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Unbeatable Protection

Preserving the car or truck you love can be as simple as applying solar control window film. Beyond looking stylish, window tint protects a vehicle’s interior against damaging ultraviolet radiation and intense heat. Your car will stay looking newer longer. Window films also hold shattered glass together and prevent flying glass debris in automobile accidents.

Unparalleled Comfort and Safety

Did you know that with our products it is possible to block up to 97% of the heat that comes into your vehicle through your windows? You’ll keep your car comfortable and improve gas mileage by using an air conditioner less. Plus, window tinting can reduce harsh glare both day and night. This means that not only will your vehicle look more sophisticated, it will be safer and better armed against the elements. Window tinting can also provide privacy, keeping your cargo safe from prying eyes.

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Elite Window Tinting carries a wide variety of premium window tinting products, so you’re sure to find a quality option that is the perfect fit for your specific needs. You can see examples of our work by visiting our gallery, or learn more about what we can do for your vehicle by contacting us at our Milwaukie or Portland locations.

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