Servicing the Oregon City Police and K9 Units

Every day, men and women in blue work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. We at Elite Window Tint are very proud to have served the needs of the Oregon City Police Department for the past sixteen years. There are no words to express the gratitude we feel towards hard working police officers and their partners – K9 units.

Office Shockley is currently working with a K9 named Slate. They respond to events in Oregon City that require K9 assistance to track missing or escaped people. Slate also assists in protecting officers during threatening situations. When Slate is not actively working, he needs to be kept safely in the police vehicle. Especially during the summer, heat from outside radiates into and gets trapped within the vehicle. The heat in the car rises very quickly, and can even become deadly to those inside. One 2003 study from San Francisco State University Department of Geosciences reports that the average temperature in a parked car rose 19 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature of the car rose an average of 33 degrees. Officer Shockley understands the importance of keeping his partner Slate cool, and keeps the car running. However, he says the car still gets very hot, even though he keeps the air conditioning on. Officer Shockley says that XPEL Prime-XR Window tint is, “…the best quality window tint for our vehicles to help keep the most amount of heat out of the car, and keep the dog safest during the hottest time of the year.”

Elite Window Tint recognizes our men and women in blue, and also recognizes the important work K-9 units do to keep our cities safe. Trained K9s spend most of their life serving the department, and it’s not an easy job According to this article from the National Police Dog Foundation, an average K9 can spend six to nine years servicing the police department. When the dog is about ten years old, he or she will typically be retired from the department. Throughout their lives, K9 units require special care. Sixteen years ago, Oregon City Police Department introduced K9 units into the department for the first time. We at Elite Window Tint wanted to give back to our local police department by donating our time and resources in helping start the K9 program; we supplied new tint to all K9 vehicles with no cost to the department. Since then, we have expanded our services to not just K9 vehicles, but all vehicles in the Oregon City Police Department. We see this as a small way to thank our local officers for their efforts and sacrifices for our community.

At Elite Window Tint, we know the importance of the work done by police officers and their K9 units. We tinted police windows with only the highest quality window tint, XPEL Prime-XR. Even after years of constant use, Prime-XR will not crack, bubble or fade to ensure officers and K9 units alike will still be protected. Officer Shockley says, “Elite Window Tint is not just a local business, but it’s a business that understands the needs of our department… and what a K9 unit needs to keep the dog safe.” We are honored to have served the needs of the Oregon City Police Department for the past sixteen years. “I would use them on my own vehicles as well,” says Officer Shockley. We thank Oregon City Police for the opportunity to serve them, and express our gratitude for the work they do to serve our community.

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Kenley Wallis