Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Everyone who buys a new car dreams of owning it for ten years and beyond, still looking just like it did the first time you ever drove it home. Unfortunately, that requires the seemingly impossible task of protecting it from the elements. How can you keep the paint looking glossy, fresh and new, while enjoying your daily drive?

How can you protect your car from road dust, sand and stone, debris, acid rain and even the sun without keeping it sequestered in a garage? There is a solution, and that’s the use of a car bra. Traditional car bras, however, are a bit unsightly with their black vinyl and leather look.

What if there were a way to get all that protection without the physical fabric? Such protection is available through paint protection film. Learn everything you need to know about paint protection film, what it is, how it works and the protective benefits you’ll get when you choose this covering for your vehicle.

What Is Clear Bra Paint Protection Film?

Everyday driving creates damage to your car’s paint job. From tiny scrapes and scratches to major dings and chips, the paint can dull and crack or simply fail to look as good as you want it to. Paint protection film is a means by which you can protect your car’s appearance and value. It serves a similar function to a car bra, which is why it’s often called a clear bra.

It’s made from a special material that’s solid and clear, completely invisible and provides a tough, rugged, like-new appearance, protecting your paint for years to come.

Everyday Driving Damage

You’ll encounter a wide range of hazards just from everyday driving. Smashed insects can scrape your paint and can even cause it to corrode. Acid rain can damage the paint job on your vehicle. Sand, grit and dirt, as well as gravel, can get kicked up and cause scrapes and dings. Trash and other debris causes damage. Even ultraviolet radiation from the sun can fade the paint job and cause it to get brittle and crack.

Protecting Your Paint

The best way to protect your paint job from this damage and keep it looking like new is protective paint film. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a sport utility vehicle, a sedan, a pickup truck or a minivan, this super-thin transparent film protects your car without changing the look of your existing paint job.

When your car faces all those driving hazards, the protective film will suffer damage, keeping the paint looking just like it did on day one when it rolled off the factory floor. It’s there to take the damage instead, and it actually resists the damage as well.

Easy to Remove and Replace

These protective films will last for up to a decade before they begin to wear down. Eventually, though, they will need to be touched up and replaced. Still, the semi-permanent protection offered by this film is ideal for replacement as well as protection.

It comes off very easily, and a new set can be put right on. Even better, it doesn’t damage the paint to take it off at all. You can replace it as many times as you like, and your paint will always look bright, glossy and new.

Protecting Your Car’s Value

Protecting your vehicle’s look is among the best ways to protect its value. Invisible protective film allows you to make sure it looks just like it did the first day you saw it on the lot, and it will stay that way for many years. This protective, semi-permanent coat will defend against all of the environmental hazards above, while it prevents fading and keeps your car’s value intact for many years to come.

Easy and Low Maintenance

One of the best things about this film is that it’s low maintenance. It does its job, and all you need to do is keep it clean just like the rest of your car. Even better, you can reduce the damage your car suffers from harsh chemicals and detergents. That’s because protective film has self-cleaning properties and is dirt and dust resistant. Often, you can just use a clean towel or soft, lint-free cloth to wipe it clean. Fewer washings mean less wear and tear to your paint job.

Customizable Coverage

Another big advantage of these protective clear bra films is that you can customize them to your driving habits and the degree of protection you need. Protective paint film is created in custom-sized and custom-cut pieces designed to protect your make and model of car specifically. Whether you’re looking to protect just the bumper, the fenders or the whole front end, it can be designed to give you exactly what you need. Work within your budget and the level of defense you need against the elements.

Undetectable Covering

Protective paint film keeps your paint job looking clean, new and glossy for years to come. It won’t remotely interfere with the way your car looks. You can’t even see it when it’s applied. There’s no filmy look, and the seams are almost undetectable. It’s as close to a completely invisible clear coat as you can get. It offers the best protection, and you’ll never need to know it’s there.

Clear Bra Protection

We offer only the very best, highest quality paint protection film products on the market today. The quality film we offer is shaped using the latest technology and perfectly formed to fit your model year and make of car. Any vehicle, any level of protection — we’ve got the product to get the job done. You can get the high-quality clear bra paint protection film you need from Elite Window Tinting.

Elite Window Tinting Clear Paint Protection Film

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