7 Things to Look for in a Quality Car Window Tinting Installation

You may have the nicest-looking car, complete with mufflers, stickers, customized hoods, and everything, but it only takes a bad window tinting job to spoil the whole look. Most car enthusiasts can tell between a good and poor tinting job – even from a mile off.

But it can get quite confusing if you’re new to window tinting jobs. You may not be in a position to tell a perfect tinting job from a haphazard one. If you are wondering what to look for in a quality window tinting installation, you have nothing to worry about because you’re in the right place.

Here are the crucial things you should look out for in a premium window tinting installation:

Uniform finish

A uniform finish should be obvious even to first-timers. The first place to train your attention to is the window edges. A quality window tinting installation would leave no gaps between the window films and the line of cut of the tinting film. It will be a perfect-fitting tinting installation covering the entire window.

As for poor workmanship, you will see large gaps between the window film and the tint, and uneven lines of cut. The last thing you want on your shiny brand-new automobile is a poorly done window tinting job, so you would be better off engaging the services of professional installers, such as Elite Window Tint.

No gaps at defroster wires

You can also check the defroster bars to see how the tinting film fits into the picture. Since the defroster bars are textured in a way that raises them above the surface of the rear window, only a professionally accomplished window tinting job can manage a perfect finish.

Defroster bars make it difficult for average window tinters to do a proper tinting job. They are likely to leave gaps at sections without adhesive. These gaps later become bubbles and grow bigger over time to make your car ugly. But you can expect professional and experienced tinters to pull off a snug finish at such tricky spots.

Perfect finish at the Dot Matrix

The front of your windshield has a textured surface to enable the shade band to stick. This is what they call the Dot Matrix. While it adds a certain elegance to your car, it may make it difficult for window tint films to stick. But a good auto tinting shop won’t have any problem getting around this hitch.

However, inexperienced tinters may experience great difficulties trying to maneuver around the Dot Matrix. They will likely leave broken lines and bubbles, creating a not-so-good finish on your windshield. So, you will know it’s a perfect tinting job if the tinting film fits snugly and uniformly over the Dot Matrix.

Seamless and uniform tint sticking to the surface

If the auto tinting film doesn’t stick uniformly and seamlessly over your car windows, bubbles will appear and begin to grow bigger with time. The appearance of these bubbles points to the poor workmanship and quality of the tinting job.

Bubbles will appear if the tinters do not prep the surface properly before the application of the tinting film. If they fail to remove all the dirt and wipe the surface dry, the adhesive won’t provide a uniform surface for sticking the tinting film on the window surface.

You will see bubbles if the inexperienced technician uses poor-quality adhesive. The adhesive will break down prematurely, leading to the development of bubbles. Air will begin to enter the spaces and make the bubbles even bigger with time. To be sure of the quality of the window tinting job, just be on the lookout for these bubbles.

No purpling

It would be so frustrating to spend a substantial amount of money on a tinting installation job, only to end up with a purple effect after a short time. It would spoil the elegant look of your sparkling vehicle, the body paintwork gleaming – but windows with an unpalatable purplish hue.

Purpling occurs as a result of poor-quality window tint films. Exposure to UV light often causes the purpling effect. If the tint remains clear and lasts for a long time, you know you have a quality tinting installation.

No need for cutouts

A good quality window tinting job won’t require cutout to leave room for government-required stickers. Instead, professional tinters apply a clear film to the area needed for such stickers to avoid making unsightly cutouts in the tinting film. While cutouts aren’t necessarily a problem, it may be quite challenging to make one that fits the stickers without leaving gaps.

Uniform tint clarity

You will know you have a good quality window tinting installation if it leaves a uniform clear tint. Professional tinters know the right materials and tools to use to pull off a perfect job, a luxury that their average counterparts may not have. So, to know a good quality tint, you just have to take a good look at the clarity of the final result.

A gleaming car, and a homogenous high-quality window tint finish, would add a new appeal to your car, and even turn a few heads as your cruise down the street. A poorly done tinting installation would also turn heads but in disapproval and disdain. It’s important that you get it right.

Find a reputable auto tinting shop

The surest way of getting a good quality window tinting installation for your car is to get a reputable auto tinting service provider. A simple search may haul up hundreds of tinting service providers in your area, but not all can give you a perfect and long-lasting tint installation.

We at Elite Window Tint have the experience and expertise needed to pull off the best window tinting installation for all our clients. We have a team of professional, experienced, and friendly technicians who will attend to your window tinting tasks using the latest technology, and high-quality tinting films.

If you are looking forward to the best window tinting installation service, you can partner with us. Please contact us today for more information.

Kenley Wallis