Why We Trust XPEL Products For Car Production

Elite Window Tinting offers paint protection and window tinting services with XPEL products. We trust XPEL products because of their high quality, excellent customer support, and focus on refining their products. XPEL also offers vital training and support for installers such as Elite Window Tinting to ensure that your vehicle receives the premium treatment it deserves.

If you follow us on social media or have visited our website or workshop, you may have noticed that we are fortunate to work with exceptional vehicles. We do not take our clients for granted, which is why we partner with XPEL Paint Protection Films and XPEL PRIME window tint to offer the best car protection.

When it comes to paint protection and window tinting, we believe you get what you pay for. There is indeed a variety of cheaper options on the market. However, these cheaper options do not provide the quality and longevity of premium protection products like XPEL.

XPEL Paint Protection Film Is an Industry Leader

XPEL is one of the leading global brands in paint protection film for vehicles. They are an excellent company to work with because of their impressive and superior product line, dedicated customer service, 24/7 customer support, and their global dealer network. Therefore, it is no surprise that XPEL’s paint protection films have an unbeatable reputation in this industry.

For the end customer, these characteristics exhibit themselves in the superiority of design. For instance, XPEL Ultimate was the world’s first self-healing film, and it is designed to provide ultimate protection against small scratches, debris, chips, and more. Once the film is exposed to heat, any small injuries a car may have suffered will disappear.

A customer concerned about maintaining the pristine look that their vehicle came with from the factory will find that the XPEL STEALTH product line is designed for this very purpose. They protect a vehicle’s original finish from scratches, chemical stains, and rock chips that may severely affect its aesthetics. This product is ideal for a customer whose car is finished using matte, frozen, or magno finishes.

XPEL paint protection films also enjoy the advantage of being easy to maintain because of their waterproof nature. As such, dirt and other stains that find themselves on your vehicles are easy to remove using a soft cloth and some soap.

While we would prefer that you visit our shop to get your paint protection film installed by one of our experts, it is important to note that XPEL offers the TRACWRAP film for anyone who would want to install it for themselves. One does not need any special tools to do the job, and the ease of installation also means that you can apply TRACWRAP anywhere within a short time. However, we highly recommend having the paint protection film expertly installed.

A paint protection film does no one any good if it damages the body of the car on which it is installed. This is yet again why we prefer working with XPEL products; they are easy to remove while preserving the car, and at the same time, are transferrable to another vehicle upon removal.

The cherry on top of the XPEL brand is that the paint protection films on the market are long-lasting. To give an example, XPEL Ultimate is warrantied for 10 years after installation! This gives you confidence in the durability of the product.

Elite Window Tinting Products from XPEL

Here at Elite Window Tinting, we understand that there are various motivations for tinting your car windows.  Some customers are looking for privacy, others want a sleek and elegant look, while some simply want to keep out the UV light out of their car. XPEL offers a wide range of window tinting products that are designed to satisfy these motivations.

For starters, the XPEL PRIME XR Plus is designed to provide superior performance while giving the vehicle a cool and sleek look. The product’s outstanding performance is attributed to its ceramic particle technology that blocks out infrared heat and up to 99% of UV rays harmful to the human skin. You enjoy superior protection as you drive around in your vehicle.

XPEL PRIME XR also uses the same ceramic particle design and as XR Plus, which means that with this tint, you can protect yourself and your upholstery from the damages of UV light and infrared heat. On top of that, you do not have to worry about visibility on the road, as PRIME XR window tint allows for your vehicle to enjoy darker shades without sacrificing visibility on the road.

If you were worried that a window tint might affect your phone’s connectivity while you are in the car, you can stop worrying now! The ceramic nano-technology used in XPEL window tinting products does not affect signals; cellular, radio, and Bluetooth. This is unlike metallic tints that were used traditionally, which would interfere with communication. With XPEL tints, you enjoy connectivity, no matter where you are.

These nano-technology ceramic particles present in XPEL tints also contribute to the safety of the car’s occupants. In case a vehicle’s windows are crashed, the window tinting film holds the particles together, hence offering protection from small shards of glass.

It should be noted that XPEL also offers other window tinting products that are not designed with ceramic particles. However, this does not necessarily affect their performance. For instance, XPEL PRIME HP and PRIME CS tints have a highly reflective finish that reduces the sun’s glare and blocks out heat from the sun. They are also aesthetically appealing, giving you both value and excellent performance.

Trust XPEL Products

At Elite Window Tinting, we aspire to provide you with premium services, and one way we do this is by using premium products from the XPEL brand. XPEL paint protection and window tinting products are reputable globally because of their high-performance protection that offers you long-lasting value. They also come in various designs and styles, depending on the utilities that you are looking to purchase and what you are willing to spend. Contact us today.

Kenley Wallis