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Window tint and paint protection film are the latest buzzwords in the automotive industry. The truth is; if the paint job of your car is not protected, your investment will not only lose its shiny glow but its resale value too. From scratches, gasoline, UV rays, to harsh cleaners, among others, all these threats can damage your vehicle and rip off its glossy finish.

Is Paint Protection Film Important?

Paint protection film gives your automobile a long-lasting shield against external threats. Today, paint protection has evolved into a top-class thermoplastic urethane. The film is available in a variety of colors and thickness levels. It comes in a unique material that reduces oxidation resulting from high exposure to the sun. Here is why you need to have a paint protection film installed.

Preserves the value of your Investment
If you truly want your vehicle to retain its shiny factory finish for a long time, invest in paint protection film (PPF). The UV rays can lead to the yellowing or fading of your car, which in turn can decrease the resale value of the trade-in of your vehicle.

During winter, damage can be caused to your ride. This is because the salt can corrode the metal and the paint. Tree sap and bird droppings among other acidic elements can also destroy the finish of your vehicle. Paint protection film, also known as clear bra or a wrap is a thin layer that protects the body panels of your ride from debris and the metal from rusting.

How the Condition of your Paint Affects the Resale Value

Appraisers grade cars on a scale of four. They are graded as excellent, good, fair, or poor. This variation is affected by the level of dents and scratches. When it comes to a point where you need to sell your vehicle, the slightest staining or rock chips on your car could cause it to be graded as poor.

A rusty and worn out vehicle could hurt your selling point. Buyers look for a close to perfect paint condition. Parts protected with PPF tend to regenerate themselves upon obtaining scratches and any other damage from the environment. Marks left by abrasion or chips heal on their own. Because PPF is loaded with anti-adhesion components designed to repel dirt and dust, your car will require less cleaning and consequently bring repairs down.

How Paint Protection Works

A professional technician strategically measures the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle and applies the film. When done correctly, the film is usually invisible. Your technician should perform custom installation by hand or employ computer cut templates to fit the film to ensure it is completely invisible.

The paint protection film is multi-layered and is built to protect your vehicle’s body from yellowing, abrasions, scratches, rock chips, and staining. Its topcoat has self-healing properties, meaning any marks on the surface disappear as soon as your car is left to warm in the sun.

Your technician should focus primarily on the hood, doors, bumpers, grilles, and fenders because these are the most vulnerable parts. Understand that the film does not change how you care for your investment. In fact, it makes your cleaning job more manageable. Depending on your environmental exposure and how you maintain your vehicle, the film can last between 5-10 years or longer.

Window Tinting: How Important is it?

Every car owner knows that window tinting makes their vehicle look exotic from the outside. But did you know it presents more benefits?

1. Safety and Security

Window tinting is no longer just for the flashy cars or the aesthetically minded. One of the most important benefits of a window tint is safety and security. It reduces interior visibility and offers protection to the expensive furnishing and items in the car from prying eyes.

Because security begins with privacy, choose a film that allows you to see the happenings of the outside world while making it impossible to see the inside. Should a window be broken from natural disaster or attempted robbery, the film applied prevents the glass from breaking into pieces.

This ensures that the people inside are protected from injuries. The other practical reason is that the extra layer of protection discourages crime. When people are not able to see the inside of the car, the chances of vandalism reduce significantly.

2. UV Protection

Direct exposure to sunlight for extended periods heightens the risk of skin cancer and quickens a person’s aging process. Research now shows that most drivers develop cancer on the left side of their skin because this is the part most exposed to UV rays.

Understand that the windshield and the windows in your newly acquired car may not have sufficient UV resistance. The clear glass in your vehicle could only block about 37 percent of the rays, which leaves you at risk.

Ensure your car is fitted with a window tint to lower the exposure of ultraviolet (UV) rays by 99 percent. More so, too much radiation can cause the interior of your vehicle to fade.

3. Stay Cool and Save Money

A window tint not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also keeps you cool and saves you money. The penetrating rays can heat your interior leading to uncontrollable levels of temperature. This can, in turn, make your air conditioner to work harder to keep your vehicle cool.

Fitting your vehicle with a window tint can improve the balance of the temperature. High temperatures can quickly raise fuel costs. Once you brave the heat of the summer by investing in tinted windows, you will save more money and stay comfortable all season.

With these advances, you can ensure your car stays attractive and in good condition for the longest time. Ensure your window tint and PPF are applied by a vinyl installation professional or an auto detailing expert. With so many advantages presented by PPF and window tint, you no doubt want to have your vehicle protected. Elite Window Tinting is the installation company you need. We have a reputation of a friendly customer care service and have been in business for over 30 years. If you are looking for a credible and experienced partner to give your ride comfort, security, longevity, and maximum protection, call us today.

Kenley Wallis