8-Steps To Detail Like A Pro

◘ Water ◘ Gentle liquid soap ◘ Disinfectant wipes containing at least 70% isopropyl alcohol ◘ Glass wipes ◘ Mobile vacuum ◘ Interior dressing ◘ Plenty of microfiber cloths ◘Leather cleaner

Step One: Gather your tools and cleaning supplies

Recommended Supplies

◘ Remove all belonging from your car.  ◘ Remove the floor mats and give any carpeted areas a thorough vacuuming.  ◘ If you have carpet floor mats, use an all-natural carpet shampoo to clean them.  ◘ You can clean rubber mats with an all-purpose cleaner, applying a hose if necessary to help remove multiple layers of grime.

Step Two: Prepare your car's interior for cleaning

Examples: steering wheel, door handles, and high usage buttons.  Start by applying a light soap and water mixture and then disinfecting with your anti-bacterial surface wipes.

Step Three: Start by cleaning the surfaces that are touched most often

If you have cloth seats, you can use a wet-vac extraction device to shampoo them. If your seats are leather, you can apply a leather cleaner such as Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner with a soft brush.

Step Four: Clean your seats according to their material

You can really make your car's interior sparkle by applying an interior dressing such as Armor All, making your dashboard, armrests, and leather or vinyl surfaces look great

Step Five: Apply an interior finisher 

Make your windows and mirrors sparkle. Spray a light mist of glass cleaner on each surface and use microfiber cloths to clean each glass area and wipe them clean.  If you notice any areas of heavy buildup, you can use fine steel wool to remove stubborn adhesions.

Step Six: Make your windows and mirrors shine

Keep a small mobile car cleaning kit on hand to prevent dirt and grime from setting in. Your kit should include the following: ◘ Protectant interior wipes ◘ Microfiber cleaning cloths ◘ Disinfectant wipes ◘ Glass cleaning wipes ◘ An air freshener

Step Seven: Prepare a mobile car cleaning kit

Here are some tips to help you become a pro at keeping your car's interior in shape: ◘ Create a schedule and stick to it. ◘ Make use of time in traffic snarls. ◘ Restock your mobile cleaning kit. ◘ Don't ignore your vehicle's exterior.

Step Eight: Adopt a proactive mindset to maintaining your car

Take your car to a skilled expert A skilled expert will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and deliver tinting, paint protection, and detailing services that will make your car look fantastic inside and out.

What is your key to a flawless vehicle?