New Products

Elite Window Tinting is proud to announce that we have passed the strict qualification standards required to carry the groundbreaking Crystalline window films from 3M.  This special film is created using multi-layer nanotechnology, the same technology used to improve brightness in flat panel LCD televisions.  It is quite literally the world's most advanced window film and it has unprecedented heat rejecting properties, as demonstrated below. 

2009 Challenger SRT  tinted in Crystalline 40%

2009 Challenger SRT tinted with Crystalline 40%.

The photos below show two readings taken with a device that measures incident solar radiation in BTUs.  The first reading was taken in direct sunlight with an outside ambient temperature of 65° F.  The second reading was taken from inside the car pictured above, directly behind the tinted glass.  As you can see,  the Crystalline film blocks a TREMENDOUS amount of heat.  Now imagine if it was 95° outside!  

BTU meter outside

Reading taken outside in unobstructed sunlight.

BTU meter inside

Reading taken from inside car with Crystalline film. WOW! I know what I want on MY car this summer!

Like all 3M films, the Crystalline series is approved and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  These amazing films will reject 99.9% of UV-A and UV-B rays, as well as up to 97% of infrared radiation. The film is offered in four shades : 70%, 60%,  50%, and 40%.  Now you can get beauty, protection, comfort and unparalleled heat rejection in a film that is 100% compliant with Oregon State Law.