Tinted car 2-Wheeled tinted vehicle Black & White Red with Tint Grey car with darkened lights With Tinting Black Windows Tinted Tinted Pickup Tinted With tinted windows Tinted windows Black Windows Blue Spyder Blue Tinted Tinted gray car Custom paint job With blackened windows With tinted windows Black windows With tint job Tinted Truck With tinted windows Black Windows With black windows That have been tinted 355 Spyder Black Windows Windows Tinted Tinted Gran Sport Tinted Windows Vintage Vehicle Orange Spyder Orange Super Blackened Windows With a Tint Tinted Camaro Old Vehicle and windows Tinted, Pink Porsche K-9 Unit With tinted windows Gallardo LP Gallardo Dark car with darkened windows Gray car with black windows Black paint & windows Red stredali with tinting

The photos from our Portland and Milwaukie window tinting shops, as seen above, are a small sample of the cars, trucks and other vehicles that get tinted each year. Window tint can lower the inside temperature of your car and block the UV rays from the sun.

If you need your windows to be tinted in a special way, or by a set deadline, please let us know before we start the project so that we can try our best to fill your needs. Thanks.

For more information on window tinting and paint protection products, see the manufacturer's website.