Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need my car windows tinted. How soon can I get an appointment?

A: This depends on the time of year and how busy we are. During the summer the typical wait is 3 to 7 days.

Q: How long does it take to tint my windows?

A: It typically takes a few hours, but it is a good idea to bring it in early so we can start when we get done with the car before yours. We will call you when the window tinting is done.

Q: Where is your shop located?

A: We have one in Portland and one in Milwaukie.

Q: How dark can you tint my windows?

A: In the Portland area, window tint can only be as low as 35% visible light transmittance. The limits per window location and vehicle range. Please call us for details.

Q: Can the tint be removed if I no longer want it?

A: The tint is designed to stay on the window. We can remove it, but this will take some time.

Q: Over time, does the window tint fade?

A: Yes, over time tinting will fade. This will take years and depends on tint quality.

Q: Which side of the window does the film go on?

A: Window Tinting is put on the inside of the window to help it last longer.

Q: My tint had some bubbles, what should I do?

A: This depends on the size. Small bubbles of air or water will disappear with time(days to weeks).